A very large number of organizations/individuals from textile fraternity are aware of ATWSPL designed TOPSPIN ERP Solution as ATWSPL is one of the pioneering company to launch the concept of Information Technology with exclusive approach to textiles.

TOPSPIN ERP first module was launched way back in the year 1998 and since then this has continued to be a very long story with value additions of strategic importance to deliver drastic improvements rather than incremental.

These values were co-created with a consistent interactions of textile technical and commercial professionals to culminate in to a comprehensive user friendly ERP solution for textile spinners. This has totally changed the work culture and end user quality of life.

TOPSPIN ERP Solution is end to end seamlessly integrated to work in a multi user, multi location environment to equip the management for exercising absolute managerial controls over their businesses.

List of Modules

  • General Setup
  • Managerial Accounts
    • Budgeting
    • Variance Analysis [Budgeted & Actual]
  • Marketing & Customer Management
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Procurements
      • Raw –Materials
        • Fiber
        • Waste [if required]
      • Store –Materials
    • Manufacturing
      • Production & Production Control, Waste Management & WIP
    • Manufacturing Support Services
      • Statistical Quality Control
      • Maintenance
      • Engineering [specifically power consumption and engineering maintenance]
    • Sales & Dispatches [Also consists export documentation]
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
    • Financial Accounting with GST & TDS Management
    • Inventories [Fiber, Store Materials, WIP, Yarns &Waste.]
  • Management Information System [MIS] & Strategic Management Information System [SMIS]
  • Features & Benefits

    • Textile industry specific solution for spinner but further customizable to address organization unique business requirements
    • Provides absolute managerial controls through budgetary variance analysis and powerful MIS
    • Seamless integration of all business functions like:
      • Costing, marketing, raw-materials, stores, production, HR, quality, maintenance, engineering, sales & logistics and financial book keeping
    • End to end integration ensure ‘Supply Chain Coordination’ [SCM] and ‘Efficient Customer Relationship Management’ [CRM]
    • ‘Business Intelligence’ [BI] information linked with ‘Decision Support System’ [DSS] to establish:
      • Raw-material scientific procurement at the best possible cost
      • Raw-material mix plan and optimum mixing cost
      • Intelligent product [COUNT] wise costing under dynamic market scenario with technical parameters
      • Product wise ‘Cost MIS’ to review standard and actual incurred cost after completion of fiber procurements, production and each and every sales cycle
    • Automation is the future of IT to auto retrieve data where ever possible. TOPSPIN ERP has inbuilt interfaces for barcode and electronic weighing machines, attendance and SQC data.
    • Inbuilt Strategic MIS to assist top and middle management with brief and hands on information
    • Resource optimization of market , materials, man, machine and money
    • Proficient inventory controls
    • Best HR practices, auto-generated pay roll, statutory formats etc and control over absenteeism
    • Integrated financial accounting with capable Excise, sales tax, bank reconciliations, Cheque printing, TDS/TCS and EPCG license management to automate statuary formats for error free reporting with the concerned institutions
    • Efficient debtors and creditors management with age wise analysis
    • Self-audit on different intervals [daily/ weekly/ monthly / quarterly / yearly]
    • Auto generated statuary reports
    • Instant flow of information without any time lag
    • Enable management to take proactive decisions
    • Abolishes communication gaps amongst different department & de-compartmentalization
    • Single view for all concerned to look at the organization data
    • Database generated specific alerts and pre-programmed auto-emails
    • Intra messaging amongst TOPSPIN users
    • Unambiguous drill downs
    • RDBMS application to work in multi user, multi-location environment
    • Robust user administration
    • Man-power reduction
    • Error control and data accuracy
    • User friendly
    • Operators do not require special skills
    • Faster implementation
    • Quicker return over investment [ROI]


    The prime benefits to the spinners using ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP is the instant availability of information to obtain absolute management controls ensuring management of all the resources i.e. market, materials, machine, man and money. Few select reports are given as under:

    • Market scenario based product costing considering following data
      • Fiber Mix Proportion [Recipe] and fiber / mixing cost
      • Transportation type
      • Transportation cost
      • Packing types
      • Budgeted production norms [count and machine wise gms./ spindle or rotor]
      • Currency exchange rate in case of exports
      • Export incentives
    • Count wise Net profit/loss or contribution/spindle/shift consideration to scientifically confirm bookings and arrive at product mix decisions
    • Sale contract review
    • Bar coded and electronically weighed dispatches of carton/bags/pallets and automated stock management
    • Pending contract review
    • Count / customer wise sales graph
    • Contract and count wise contributions
    • Comparison of count / customer wise standard and actual cost
    • Sales MIS


    • Dynamic product creation
    • Bar coded and electronically weighed receipt and issue of fiber using barcode scanner and hence no manual entries are required
    • Self grading of purchased Fiber
    • Lot wise, variety wise mixing plan considering fiber characteristics/grade, relevant no of bales in stock and mixing cost
    • Cotton raw-material station / ginner wise bargain analysis to ascertain fiber quality index [FQI] with corresponding landed cost and expense details
    • Lot wise cotton fiber quality parameters at mixing stage
    • Provision for breaking up of bale and issue of bales even multiple no. of times
    • Completely automated stock management out of fiber purchase and issue entries
    • Completely automated generation of consumption vouchers from fiber Issue
    • Completely automated stock reports and stock ledger maintenance
    • Raw-material monthly purchases
    • Age wise raw-material inventory
    • Raw-material MIS
    Stores [Materials Management]
    • Identification of store groups and items those can be linked to
      • Different vendors [OEM & Suppliers]
      • OEM wise catalogue/drawing/running/part numbers
      • Minimum/reorder levels
    • Pending indents
    • Order tracking
    • Provision for Bar coded receipt and issue of store items
    • Automated requisition and Issue
    • Store item wise under / over stock and re-order levels
    • Indent analysis [Department wise store items indented but not issued]
    • Store consumptions [cost center and consumption head wise]
    • Provision for ABC analysis
    • Automated bin card
    • Inventory calculation (item wise)
    • Work order management of services and auto TDS management
    • Store Materials MIS
    • Technical variance analysis considering production, raw-material consumptions, energy consumption considering ring frame /open end and packed production
    • Technical variance analysis of yarn quality based on Uster test results
    • Yarn test comparative study at bobbin and cone stage with summary and detailed analysis
    • Fiber / yarn co-relation i.e. fiber quality index [FQI] viz a viz yarn quality index [YQI]in case of cotton yarn
    • Ring frame breakage study
    • Daily production reports [count and machine wise] at different stages of production indicating budgeted and actual production, utilization and efficiency details
    • Live streaming of packing details
    • Current production dash board
    • Predictive production graph based on current rate of production
    • Plant maintenance review against the scheduled job cards
    • Power MIS
    • Production MIS
    • Employee recruitment details indicating experience, age, territory, reference etc.
    • Department wise sanctioned labor strength in a month
    • Auto retrieving of attendance data from electronic deices
    • Leave management
    • Automated Staff and worker muster roll preparation
    • Budgeted vs. actual worker strength
    • Section wise labor deployment
    • Dynamic creation of earning and deduction heads
    • Automated pay roll management
    • Automated preparation of statutory formats like, PF, ESI etc
    • Automated preparation of Earning arrears, Good work / overtime, Leave encashment, Bonus, Gratuity, Full and final settlement
    • Absenteeism monitoring
    • Vouchers [cash receipt / payment, bank receipt / bank payment, journal, contra, raw-material and store purchase, domestic and export sales, debit and credit notes.
    • Cash book
    • Bank book
    • Journal book
    • Ledger summary
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Trial balance
    • Profit and loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Cheque printing
    • Age wise debtors and creditors
    • Bill knocking
    • Budgeted and actual profitability
    • Count wise profitability
    • GST statements
    • GST returns

    Management Controls

    Information is the life blood of any business. ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP takes care of all the five resources [M] i.e. Market, Materials, Machine, Man & Money. ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP can deliver BPM [Business Process Management] that helps businesses make efficient use of their financial, human, material and other resources. The required information for any resource/ transaction is instantly available. When the availability of information is instantly assured, then management controls can be immediately exercised.

    ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP manage, first the complicated production resources right from planning to execution and controls through electronically monitored production related technical data suitably assisted by maintenance, quality control & engineering management information.

    ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP is different to general fit ERP because in a manufacturing industry, production and quality related information deserve the highest priority and ATWSPL domain expertise along with customization skills can address such issues very conveniently.

    This has become possible because ‘TOPSPIN’ is capable to complete both R [requisition] to P [procurement] & O [order] to C [consumption] cycles electronically’.

    Apart from production rich information reservoir, ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP costing, budgeting, purchase and sales modules integration with financial accounting modules has revolutionized the spinning industry by delivering techno-commercial information converged at a common platform in form of techno- commercial MIS with variance analysis. MIS are auto-prepared and available in tabular and graphical formats both.

    Hence resource management is directly related to the management controls for execution to make best use of resource wise information. This is imperative to elaborate how exactly this can be exercised and therefore, following flow diagram and ensuing text will be very useful for the decision maker:

    Management Controls

    In running businesses it is difficult to exercise absolute management controls due to n numbers of variables and constraints those has different impacts. ‘TOPSPIN’ being a comprehensive and industry specific solution, where each and every domain is taken in to consideration can dynamically provide a platform to deploy absolute management controls for:

    • Cost

      Cost controls are exercised by creating monthly budgets for sales, production, raw-materials, stores power and financial [bank interest]. MIS for the above budgets are auto-prepared indicating the variances on monthly basis. Moreover, within the month for any particular day, predictive MIS based on the current trend of expense is available that indicates the possible deviation from budgets at the end of month. Hence, ‘TOPSPIN’ is capable to integrate management accounting with financial accounting for comparison purpose.

      Apart from MIS with predictive figures, ‘TOPSPIN’ imparts absolute management [cost] controls to the organization. ‘TOPSPIN’ costing module delivers count wise contribution based on a cost sheet to finalize a sales contract. Different elements of variable cost are determined after considering market scenario and current raw-material prices, where destination wise freight, packing type and size of package, size of vehicle/container and packing material cost are also considered to select most contributing customer.

      Now after selecting customer and finalizing contract, the profit is known. However, after mixing, lot creation packing and dispatch [invoicing] i.e. completion of sales cycle, ‘TOPSPIN’ pick the variable and fixed costs incurred with actual figures. ‘TOPSPIN’ then auto-prepare a comparative statement [cost MIS] indicating the variances of element of cost as per the cost sheet and actual incurred figures.

      Thus ‘TOPSPIN’ empowers absolute management [cost] controls.

    • Production

      Count wise production budget ensure production controls. Here, again predictive figures are displayed for control purpose. Production efficiency, utilization and waste details are also available.

    • Quality

      Regarding quality count wise benchmark data are entered in the software and lot/machine wise actual quality data are retrieved instantly to analyze variances thus imparting powerful quality controls to the ‘TOPSPIN’ users.

    • HR

      Textile being a labour intense manufacturing does not only require hassle free pay-roll management but HR management also. This helps in recruitments and controlling absenteeism also. ‘TOPSPIN’ generates very useful information over absenteeism and indicate differences between budgeted actual strength on roll.

    ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP Alerts & Messaging

    Apart from the above ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP has an inbuilt concept of a control or feedback loop through database generated alerts for the business users that ultimately helps, guide the business towards its objectives. The alerts are proactive as well inform form of predictive MIS figures to take corrective actions in advance. An intra- ‘TOPSPIN’ ERP users off and on line messaging/chat tool is also available for managing the internal communication.

    Budgetary Controls

    Department Wise Stores Budget

    Comparison With Actual [Quantity]

    Comparison With Actual [Value]


    Power Budget

    Comparison With Actual

    Sales Budget

    Comparison With Actual

    Production Budget

    Raw-materials Budget

    HR Budget

    Bench Mark Yarn Quality

    Comparison With Actual Yarn Quality Test Results

    Standard Cost Sheet

    Cost MIS

    BI and DSS

    Download BI and DSS